Alamo Car Rental Florida Toll Charges

Alamo’s TollPass Service is designed for renters who plan to use toll roads during their rental period. It allows you to bypass traditional toll plazas and pay electronically. The service is available at select locations and offers a hassle-free way to manage toll payments without the need for cash or waiting in line.

Florida Car Rentals

How It Works

  • Toll Roads and Express Lanes: When you drive through any electronic toll lane (marked with “E-ZPass”, “SunPass”, etc.), the toll charges are automatically billed to the rental agreement.
  • Coverage: The TollPass Service covers all toll roads in Florida, offering seamless travel across the state.
  • Charges: Alamo charges a convenience fee for each day you use a toll road, with a maximum cap per rental period. This fee is in addition to the actual toll charges incurred during your travels.
  • Billing: The toll and service fees are billed to the credit card or debit card used for the rental. Alamo provides a detailed statement of the toll charges for your records.


  • Convenience: Avoid the hassle of cash payments or purchasing a temporary toll pass.
  • Time-Saving: Use express lanes and electronic toll collection lanes to reduce travel time.
  • Transparent Charges: Receive a detailed breakdown of toll charges and service fees after your rental period.


  • Optional Service: The TollPass Service is optional. Renters have the option to use their own toll transponder or pay tolls through other means, but they must inform Alamo to avoid double charges.
  • Service Fees: While the service offers convenience, be mindful of the daily service fees, especially for extended rentals.

How to Use

Upon renting a vehicle, you can opt into the TollPass Service. Make sure to inquire about the service at the rental counter and understand the terms, including the service fees and billing process.


Alamo’s TollPass Service in Florida is an efficient solution for travelers looking to streamline their toll road payments. It eliminates the need for cash payments and offers a convenient, time-saving option for navigating toll roads throughout your rental period.

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