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Renting a car with Alamo in Florida means navigating the state’s toll roads, which can be a bit tricky for visitors. Alamo offers a service called TollPass™ Program to handle tolls, which is particularly useful in Florida where many toll roads use electronic collection systems.

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.Alamo TollPass™ Program in Florida: How It Works

  • Automatic Toll Payment: When you rent a car from Alamo in Florida, you have the option to use their TollPass™ Program. This service allows you to automatically pay for tolls incurred during your rental period without needing to stop at toll booths or worry about carrying change.
  • Toll Charges: The charges for using toll roads will be billed to the credit card used for the rental. This includes the cost of the tolls plus a convenience fee for the service. According to the information available, the convenience fee is $3.95 per usage day, with a maximum fee cap per rental month. However, this rate can vary, so it’s important to check the latest fee structure when you rent your vehicle.
  • Coverage: The TollPass™ Program covers all electronic toll roads in Florida, making it an easy and convenient way to navigate the state’s extensive toll road system. This includes popular routes such as the Florida Turnpike and the bridges and toll roads in the Orlando area, among others.
  • Opting Out: If you prefer not to use Alamo’s TollPass™ Program, you must avoid toll roads or pay tolls with cash (where available) or your own electronic toll device compatible with Florida’s toll system. Be aware that not all toll roads have cash lanes, and driving through an electronic toll lane without an appropriate payment method can result in fines and administrative fees.

Key Considerations

  • Billing Details: After your rental, Alamo will receive a record of all tolls incurred. The tolls and the total convenience fee will be charged to your credit card, and you should receive a detailed billing statement showing these transactions.
  • Avoiding Double Payment: If you have your own SunPass or another Florida-compatible toll payment device, ensure it’s not detected in the rental car to avoid being charged twice—once by your device and once by Alamo’s system.
  • Rental Agreement: Always review your rental agreement and the TollPass™ Program terms when picking up your car. This will provide you with the most current information about fees and how the program works.

Alamo’s TollPass™ Program is designed to make driving on Florida’s toll roads hassle-free for renters. By understanding how the program works and planning accordingly, you can enjoy the convenience of seamless travel throughout the state during your rental period.

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