Beach House Rentals Cocoa Beach Florida

Discovering the perfect beach house rental in Cocoa Beach, Florida, can turn a simple getaway into a magical retreat. Cocoa Beach, with its stunning shoreline, offers a blend of relaxation and adventure suitable for all ages. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic escape, or a fun-filled holiday with friends, Cocoa Beach has something special in store for you.

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Why Choose Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is not just any beach town; it’s a place where you can watch a sunrise that takes your breath away, surf in waves that thrill, and explore a space center that reaches for the stars. Its proximity to Orlando also makes it a fantastic option for those who wish to combine the tranquility of the beach with the excitement of theme parks.

Finding Your Beach House Rental

When searching for a beach house rental in Cocoa Beach, Florida, consider the following tips to ensure you find the best match for your needs:

  • Location is Key: Decide if you want to be right on the beach, within walking distance, or in a more secluded area. Cocoa Beach offers a variety of locations, each with its charm.
  • Size and Amenities: From cozy cottages for romantic getaways to spacious homes for large families or groups, ensure the rental meets your space needs and desired amenities. Look for properties with fully equipped kitchens, ample living spaces, outdoor areas, and perhaps a private pool or hot tub.
  • Budget: Set a budget that includes not just the rental cost, but also any additional fees for cleaning, deposits, or extras. Cocoa Beach offers options across a wide range of price points, ensuring there’s something for every budget.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Check reviews from previous guests to get an idea of their experiences. Look for rentals with high ratings and positive feedback on cleanliness, location, and the rental management’s responsiveness.
  • Book Early: Cocoa Beach is a popular destination, especially during peak seasons. To get the best selection, start your search early and book your rental in advance.

Activities and Attractions

While the beach itself is the main draw, Cocoa Beach and its surroundings offer a plethora of activities and attractions:

  • Surfing: Known as the Surfing Capital of the East Coast, take lessons or rent a board to catch some waves.
  • Kennedy Space Center: Explore the wonders of space and maybe even catch a rocket launch.
  • Cocoa Beach Pier: Enjoy dining, shopping, and entertainment on this iconic pier.
  • Brevard Zoo: A short drive away, this zoo offers a unique kayaking safari experience.
  • Bioluminescent Kayaking: At certain times of the year, experience the magical glow of bioluminescence on nighttime kayaking tours.

Enjoy Your Stay

A beach house rental in Cocoa Beach, Florida, offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. With a bit of planning and some research, you can find the ideal rental that will serve as your home base as you explore all the beauty and excitement Cocoa Beach has to offer.